10 Best Beaches In New Hampshire

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It may surprise you to learn that New Hampshire has some of the best beaches in New England! New Hampshire isn’t typically thought of as a beach destination, but there are several must-see beaches that you should not miss.

New Hampshire has the Atlantic Coast’s shortest shoreline, stretching only 13 miles. It looks after the small area well by providing clean, picturesque beaches. Don’t forget about New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. It has numerous large lakes with fun beaches ideal for water fun.

If you’re looking for the best places to swim, boat, or enjoy beautiful beach scenery, Check out these ten of the Best Beaches In New Hampshire

1. Hampton Beach – Best Beaches In New Hampshire

Hampton Beach - Beaches In New Hampshire
Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is New Hampshire’s largest and most popular beach. Even the locals rank it as one of the best beaches in New England. The beach is in the Hampton Beach district, which is a well-known resort area.

During the summer, Hampton Beach is crowded with both locals and tourists. It’s the busiest time for the beach, with many people sitting out at all hours. It’s a family-friendly environment with activities for people of all ages.

Hampton Beach is famous for its soft, white sand that stretches all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the cleanest beaches in New Hampshire, and it’s protected by the state park designation. It is the most developed beach in the area.

2. Weirs Beach – Best Beaches In New Hampshire

Weirs Beach - Best Beaches In New Hampshire
Weirs Beach – Best Beaches In New Hampshire

Weirs Beach is located on the lake’s southern shore. Before reaching the beach area, you’ll be greeted by the famous Weirs Beach sign. It includes a boardwalk along Lakeside Ave. with shops, arcades, a fun center for kids, a drive-in theater, and other attractions.

The beach will appeal to people of all ages. It’s a popular swimming and sunbathing spot. It has a boat dock open to the public. The lake’s most popular boating activities are kayaking and fishing. On-site boat rentals are available for the day. There are also picnic tables on the beach where you can enjoy a meal.

Weirs Beach is most popular during the summer. It has lifeguards on duty at all times.

3. Ellacoya State Park Beach

Ellacoya State Park Beach
Ellacoya State Park Beach

Ellacoya State Park’s beach is smaller than Weirs Beach’s. It’s only 600 feet long, but the natural setting surrounded by forest makes it one of New Hampshire’s best beaches. There will be plenty of space to relax on the sand. On a sunny day, the trees provide plenty of shade, or you can sunbathe before entering the water.

Swimming and boating are the most popular activities at Ellacoya State Park. Fishing is allowed, and you can catch trout, bluegill, crappie, sunfish, and other species. There are also public picnic tables and a playground for children. There are nearby campgrounds for tents and RVs, so waking up upright on the beach is a unique beach experience.

4. Wallis Sands State Beach

Wallis Sands State Beach
Wallis Sands State Beach

The Wallis Sands State Beach is one of New Hampshire’s best-kept secrets. It’s only a short drive from Hampton Beach, so it’s a great alternative if it’s too crowded. It’s a family-friendly beach with lots of kids running around and families taking in the scenery.

The town of Rye is home to Wallis Sands State Beach. It has a lovely crescent-shaped beach with golden sands. It’s spotless thanks to the Wallis Sands State Park’s preservation efforts. It also implies that there is an admission fee to visit.

The beach has a main building with a bathhouse with showers and a snack shop. You can have a picnic at one of the designated tables or sit in the paved area to take photos.

5. Jenness Beach

Jenness Beach
Jenness Beach

Jenness Beach is a popular Rye beach destination. With all of the beachfront rentals, it makes an ideal vacation getaway spot to enjoy a relaxing beach setting.

The beach is on the Atlantic Coast and is ideal for water sports. Swimming is always enjoyable, especially when the water is warm in the summer. It is also a popular surfing location. There are many people out surfing the perfect waves.

Because of the family-friendly atmosphere, you can bring the whole family down for a day at the beach. It has visitor facilities, such as a bathhouse and a parking lot right in front of the beach. There is plenty of parking because the beach is rarely crowded.

6. Wellington State Beach

Wellington State Beach
Wellington State Beach

Wellington State Beach is a beautiful place to spend a day at the beach. The clean, golden sands with views of the surrounding forested mountains are beautiful in any season. There are numerous hiking trails around the beach that provide spectacular views of the entire beach as well as the Cliff and Belle Islands within the lake.

You could easily spend an entire day at the beach. Because of the clear water, it’s one of the best places to swim. Although the lake is deep in some places, there are shallow areas where children can play.

Make use of the boat ramp and dock. It’s a popular boating destination. You can kayak around the lake or rent a fishing boat to see what you can catch.

7. Echo Lake Beach

Echo Lake Beach
Echo Lake Beach

The state park contains Echo Lake Beach. There is a fee to enter, but you can enjoy the clean beach and picnic facilities. It’s a family-friendly destination that also welcomes pets. The beach is open all year, but different activities have different seasons.

During the open season, which runs from mid-May to mid-September, the beach is a fantastic place to swim. It is when there will be warm water and lifeguards on duty for your safety.

8. Odiorne Point Beach

Odiorne Point Beach
Odiorne Point Beach

Odiorne Point is a lovely collection of trails, beaches, and rocky shores covered in veins of basalt (black ore) that can be seen traversing the shoreline. This is a wonderful place to walk that feels more like something from another world than the typical Hampton-style beaches.

It’s one of the most popular state parks to visit, located near Rye, and it has a variety of outdoor recreational activities and centers. The Odiorne Point Beach is a must-see when visiting the state park. A nature walk along the shoreline will take you to the beach, revealing the rocky coast and sandy beach.

9. Mt. Sunapee State Park Beach

Mt. Sunapee State Park Beach
Mt. Sunapee State Park Beach

The Sunapee State Park campground is located on the side of Mt. Sunapee, about a mile from the base lodge. The campground has five renovated lean-to sites with pit toilets and water, as well as a picnic table and fire ring at each site.

Mt. Sunapee State Beach, which has flush toilets and showers, is about a mile from the campground, and campers may use these facilities as well.

10. Seabrook Beach

Seabrook Beach
Seabrook Beach

Seabrook, about two miles south of Hampton Beach, provides a quieter respite from the crowds with a large expanse of sand dunes. While this beach may be off the radar for the average tourist, it is well known among locals, and there are many vacation homes here.

In fact, because parking is scarce, residents and vacation home renters have the easiest access to this beach. There is public parking with a restroom on Route 1A, but getting to the beach requires a walk across the highway and down side streets.

Still, if you can afford to rent one of the stunning vacation homes, it’s a lovely, relaxing beach and a fun day for the kids. Every year, families flock to Seabrook.

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