10 Of The Best Hikes In New Hampshire

In a state as mountainous as New Hampshire, there is no shortage of breathtaking hiking trails to discover. A walk in the woods, whether for an afternoon or a couple of days, is healthy for both the body and the soul, So keep reading for the best Hikes In New Hampshire.

Find family-friendly summits or take on a challenging hike to get a fresh perspective on things. New Hampshire also provides adventures along our section of the Appalachian Trail, which is a fantastic and unique benefit of our position.

Many paths allow dogs, so make sure to check ahead of time! Now that you know your ability, choose a hike or climb that is suited for your family or friends; New Hampshire genuinely has paths for everyone. Be prepared, pay attention to weather and safety warnings, and stick to approved trails.

1. Pitcher Mountain Trail – Hikes In New Hampshire

Pitcher mountain - Hikes In New Hampshire
Pitcher mountain

There is possibly no better trail for a day of family pleasure than the Pitcher Mountain Trail. An simple two-mile circle with raspberry and blueberry bushes for on-the-go munching.

Allow time to climb the fire tower at the halfway point for breathtaking views of the surrounding Green Mountains. Pitcher Mountain Trail is an excellent method to appreciate the panoramas associated with more challenging climbing while include younger or less athletic individuals.

2. Mt. Monadnock – Hikes In New Hampshire

Mt. Monadnock - Hikes In New Hampshire
Mt. Monadnock

Monadnock, the world’s most hiked mountain, stands alone in southwestern New Hampshire, where its rocky top affords 360-degree vistas that stretch as far as Boston on a clear day.

Mount Monadnock has been a hiking attraction for over 150 years and is widely regarded as the most hiked mountain in the Western Hemisphere. Mount Monadnock, with its rich history, ties to the arts, and a plethora of hiking paths, attracts over 100,000 hikers each year.

3. Mount Willard Trail – Hikes In New Hampshire

Mount Willard - Hikes In New Hampshire
Mount Willard

Mount Willard Trail is a moderately difficult day trek in the White Mountains that rewards with spectacular views of Crawford Notch and the surrounding range.

Starting at Saco Lake, it won’t be far before you come upon a small waterfall cascade and the centenary pool. The summit provides views and is a great place to pause for a bite before the descent!

During the winter months, expect a few tiny river crossings, some rocky terrain, and snow/ice near the top.

Because this is a popular area for birding, hiking, and snowshoeing, you’ll almost certainly run into other people while exploring. This trail is best visited from May to October. 

4. Mount Avalon

Mount Avalon
Mount Avalon

Try out this 5.5-kilometer out-and-back near Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. This is a popular area for hiking, snowshoeing, and running, so you’ll most likely come across other people while exploring. The trail is open all year and is a beautiful place to visit at any time. Dogs are allowed.
The hike begins at the Crawford Station parking lot, which is located across the street from Saco Lake.

Views of the valley and Crawford Notch can be had from the summit.

During the winter and early spring, spikes and trekking poles are highly recommended.

5. Mizpah Springs Hut Trail

Mizpah Springs Hut Trail
Mizpah Springs Hut Trail

This 7.6-kilometer out-and-back trail near Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, is a must-see. It is generally regarded as a difficult route, and it takes an average of 3 hours to complete. This is a popular backpacking, camping, and hiking area, so you’ll almost certainly run into other people while exploring.
The entire hike up to Mitzpah Spring Hut is a steady and continuous ascent.

The Appalachian Mountain Club operates the hut, which has bunks for overnight guests and usually has snacks for sale for day hikers.

If you have the energy, continue past the hut to the summit of Mt. Pierce.

6. Mt. Washington: Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

Mt Washington
Mt. Washington: Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

The ascent of the Northeast’s highest peak alongside the Ammonoosuc River is one of the most rewarding trails in the Presidential Range, revealing a series of waterfalls, cascades, and views that rival any other route up the mountain.

It’s a full day’s hike from the trailhead, which is just below the Mt. Washington Cog Railway’s Base Station, to the summit, which is about nine miles round-trip. You’ll pass Lakes of the Clouds and the AMC hut on your way down from the summit. You can return to the trailhead via the Jewell Trail, which is a much easier descent with its own beautiful scenery.

Whatever the weather is like at the base, keep in mind that the summit is never warm; Mt. Washington’s weather is so severe that Arctic equipment is required.

7. Mount Chocorua

Mount  Chocorua
Mount Chocorua

The most photographed mountain in New England is a familiar sight, standing almost alone with its distinctive peak reflected in the mirror of Chocorua Lake. The most popular trail, the Piper Trail, begins on Route 16, just north of the lake and the famous view.

However, from the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112), you can take the Champney Falls Trail, which is a longer but more varied and interesting route. It also allows you to return by another trail, making a loop that brings you back to within 100 yards of the original trailhead. A side trail to Champney Falls and neighboring Pitcher Falls can be found about a mile into the climb. If you don’t want to do the round-trip hike to the top, this is a good alternative.

8. Appalachian Trail across the Presidential Range

Appalachian Trail across the Presidential Range

Thoreau Falls, one of New Hampshire’s lesser-known waterfalls, is a 4.8-mile hike, with a shorter option of stopping at the smaller Zealand Falls at 2.7 miles. In any case, stop at the AMC Zealand Falls Hut for a cool drink and a porch view of Zealand Notch. There are no roads leading to this little-known notch, so only hikers can see it.

Begin the hike at the end of Zealand Road, which branches off Route 302 between Twin Mountain and Bretton Woods. Before skirting a pond, the first two miles of the trail wind through coniferous woodlands and along the bed of an old logging railroad. The Zealand Trail comes to an end at the intersection of the Ethan Pond and Twinway trails.

9. Thoreau Falls and Zealand Falls

Thoreau Falls and Zealand Falls
Thoreau Falls and Zealand Falls

This small mountain, which blocks the entrance to Crawford Notch, rewards climbers with one of the best views of the White Mountains below timberline. The trail climbs through cool woods for just over three miles round-trip before emerging onto the cliffs at the top.

You’ll be treated to a panoramic view of Crawford Notch below you (and to wild blueberries in mid-summer). There’s no better place to see how glaciers receded and carved and scoured out New Hampshire’s notches.

If you’re hiking with kids—and this is a great family climb—be aware that the cliffs are steep and the drop is sudden. There are two more shorter hikes from the parking area opposite Little Saco Lake, one around the lake and one up to Elephant Head rock.

10. Basin-Cascades Trail

Basin-Cascades Trail

A hiking trail rarely begins with two great kid-friendly attractions before you’ve even started climbing. The Basin is a massive pothole formed by a glacial waterfall. The trail’s formation is described on signage along the trail, and it’s worth a stop even if you don’t hike the trail that begins here.

A few yards further on is one of the state’s most appealing and approachable waterfalls, a long gentle cascade over a series of ledges that invite climbing or sitting to enjoy the view. Follow the trail beside the falls to discover a slew of falls and cascades over flat ledges that appear to be made for picnicking.

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