10 Romantic Things To do In Boston

Boston is a thriving center for romance all year long. Whoever wants to engage in some light hand holding in public or something more intimate in private will find both simple pleasures and extravagant adventures. At every price point, a great date is waiting for you, letting you show your significant other your love or treat them to a luxurious experience.

Getaway Finds has created a list that recognizes the diversity of romantic experiences. You and your partner will find a romantic attraction you’ll adore on Getaway Finds, regardless of whether you two are art enthusiasts, outdoorsy types who like to be active, playful, passionate about music or nature, or spa seekers.

1- Take a stroll along the Charles River Esplanade

Charles River Esplanade
Charles River Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade is located on the Boston side of the river, which separates the city from Cambridge. At all hours of the day, joggers and flocks of wild geese frequent this 3-mile, leafy path. The geese are attractive to look at, but be careful around them as they can become agitated quickly.

Start your stroll from the Museum of Science and move toward Boston University to fully appreciate the esplanade’s charm. You’ll pass playgrounds, marshes, rental sailing boats, and locations where you can get refreshments along the way. A stroll through this urban oasis offers stunning views of Cambridge.

2- Visit Boston Common and The Public Garden for a picnic

Boston Common and The Public Garden
Picnic at Boston Common and The Public Garden

Any list of things to do in the city includes Boston Common and its neighboring Public Garden at the top. Boston Common, the oldest park in the country, is a well-liked rest area on the Freedom Trail. With lush weeping willows lining a pond that swans call home, The Garden is a sight in and of itself. The Public Garden is one of the most tranquil and idyllic locations in the city thanks to the sway of the trees and its charming suspension bridge. Keep an eye out for any historical monuments hidden between rows of trees as you stroll around the two grounds.

3- Explore Boston’s Museums

Though we travelers really enjoy them, some people may not think of museums as romantic getaways in Boston. A low-key way to learn something new and spend time appreciating art, history, or culture is to wander around museums.

Do you find most museums to be uninteresting and dry? You’ll have your mind changed by the Boston Science Museum. Along with weird planetarium shows, you’ll find exhibits and presentations on topics like dinosaurs, the magic of physics, optical illusions, and the natural world.

You could spend hours exploring this location and still have so much left to learn. While strolling through the butterfly garden can be enjoyable and romantic, the live lightning show is a better choice for something more “electrifying.”

The Museum of Fine Arts will be ideal for art enthusiasts. Since its founding in the 1870s, this institution has amassed one of the most extensive and substantial collections of works of art. More than 500,000 objects are currently housed in the museum. You can explore the sizable collections with your partner and look at everything from Japanese art to old textiles to photographs of landscapes.

4- Attend an exciting performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston Symphony Orchestra

What could be more intellectually stimulating and affluent-feeling than attending a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a mainstay of the city’s art scene?

Put your best foot forward, grab a drink at one of Boston’s amazing bars, and then prepare for an exciting performance and a lovely evening. Purchasing tickets will cost you a lot of money.

5- Step into the darkness at a speakeasy

boston speakeasy
Step into the darkness at a speakeasy

These days, Boston is home to a few speakeasies, and with their smoky interiors, delectable drinks, and seductive vibes, these are the perfect spots to visit when you want to spice up a date night. Hecate, a dark, enigmatic bar with a Greek goddess theme, is the newest spot on the Back Bay scene. It was created by the owners of Krasi.

The best bar in town is still Yvonne’s, which is located in the former Locke-Ober building and used to be frequented by influential people like Mayor Menino and JFK. And Next Door, a secret neighborhood speakeasy in Eastie, is where the drinks really shine. Expect an extravagant presentation that will dazzle even the most demanding dates.

6- Patio hop in the Seaport

boston seaport
Boston Seaport

We are so lucky that the Seaport now has a ton of hip patios. The Serafina Seaport, Lola 42, Para Maria at the Envoy, and the venerable Woods Hill Pier 4 are just a few of the options available at the Seaport. Don your best outfit and visit a few of the hotspots in this waterfront district. Have drinks at Para Maria to start, dinner at Serafina or Woods Hill, and dessert at Lola 42 to end.

7- Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Hills Reservation
Blue Hills Reservation

The Blue Hills Reservation is a short drive from Boston’s city center. Here, nature lovers can go hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, and even experience a zoo at the Trailside Museum. It covers more than 7,000 acres along the nearest suburbs of Boston, making it a true green haven for urban residents. You’ll want to wander around here for hours, so make a day of it. The animals at the museum are entertaining for children, and those who want to go skiing in the winter close to the city can do so. The tallest of the 22 hills in the Blue Hills chain, Great Blue Hill has a peak elevation of 635 feet. Visitors can see the entire metropolitan area from this summit.

8- Rooftop Pool at the Colonnade

In the summer, unwind by the Colonnade Hotel’s outdoor pool, which is accessible to the public on weekdays. Get a delicious cocktail and cool off in the pool. From 8 am to 5 pm, admission is $40; from 5 pm to 11 pm, it’s free. The pool is only accessible to adults after 5 o’clock. On Saturdays and Sundays, you will also have access to the rooftop if you choose to spend the night at the hotel.

9- Scullers Jazz Club

Scullers Jazz Club
Scullers Jazz Club

One of Boston’s most renowned jazz clubs is hidden inside the Doubletree Guest Suites on the Charles River’s edge in Allston. Sculler’s is renowned as being among the best in Boston and regularly hosts both well-known performers and up-and-coming artists. Sculler’s offers a variety of musical styles, including Latin, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B, Cabaret, and World Music, so you can listen to the music you love in a setting that lets it shine. You can benefit from one of the specialty packages offered, such as the Jazz Overnighter or dinner and a show, if you stay in a hotel.

Sculler’s tickets frequently sell out, so be sure to check the schedule and place your order early. You can listen to music side by side there in a dimly lit environment that makes you want to lean into the person you’re with.

10- Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Visit one of the most popular breweries for beer in the country. Sam Adams is still based in Boston, where it was established. Every day, excluding Sundays and holidays, tours are available. Visitors get to sample award-winning beers, watch the brewing process, and learn about the history of the company.

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