Lakes In South Carolina

South Carolina is a southeasterly state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and is renowned for its enticing cuisine, culture, and history. Along with these, it is abound in breathtaking natural features like charming forests, lovely coastlines, powerful mountains, and lovely lakes. Keep reading for the 10 Best Lakes In South Carolina.

Lakes are a cultural icon and a leisure activity in the wonderful state of South Carolina. The majority of South Carolina’s residents prefer fishing, relaxing, swimming, or boating in the state’s lakes, despite the state’s famed unspoiled coastline and charming small towns.

No matter if you live in South Carolina or are just visiting, you’ll discover that each of these lakes will provide the respite you need from the busy city life.

Given how abundant the state is in lakes, it shouldn’t be shocking. This is primarily due to the numerous artificial lakes that have been constructed throughout the state, but it’s hard to complain about that when they’re so enjoyable now.

1. Lakes In South Carolina: Lake Murray

Lake Murray - Lakes In South Carolina
Lake Murray

Spend the day cruising on Lake Murray. Numerous marinas facilitate put-ins, and the calm waters are ideal for sailing. The lake was once the largest dam in the world, and along with the waters that produce hydroelectric power, a thriving recreation scene has organically grown.

Currently, there are 500 miles of the lake that are ready for exploration, which is enough beauty to make it the crown jewel of South Carolina.

When you’ve had enough boating, anchor at Dreher Island State Recreation Area for a lovely picnic lunch. Along the lake, there are several places to camp as well as Airbnbs and cottages, allowing you to stay up late.

2. Lake Greenwood

Lake Greenwood
Lake Greenwood

Greenwood County is the rightful owner of Lake Greenwood, and residents there have taken care of it to create a thriving fishing community. People from Ware Shoals tend to congregate there and are always happy to show tourists around.

There are 11,000 acres of bass and crappie fishing in Greenwood. To try their luck, fishermen congregate right on Lake Greenwood State Park’s shores.

The Crappie Masters South Carolina State Fishing Championship draws a large crowd of Crappie Masters to Lake Greenwood every March. For the largest catch, thirty boats compete.

3. Lake Marion

Lake Marion
Lake Marion

Old-growth South Carolina’s largest lake is surrounded by cypress trees. With its 110,000 acres spread across five counties, Lake Marion offers a variety of opportunities for a day on the water. The tree cover provides many camping sites right at the water’s edge, helped by Spanish moss.

Boaters can travel between the islands, and smaller vessels can enter the wetlands that are formed where the lake engulfs its tributaries. The tranquil shores of the lake are populated by a variety of animals besides humans. In the marshes, a variety of bird species prefer to hunker down and look for worms.

4. Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie is one of the best lakes in south carolina
Lake Wylie

North Carolina and South Carolina both have access to this recreational paradise. Lake Wylie is situated close to major cities like Fort Mill and Charlotte and is ideal for day trips. Near the designated swimming areas, a few restaurants are scattered along the shore.

The focal points for the lake’s watersports are Ebenezer Park and Windjammer Park. A full day of fun can be had by combining boat rentals with picnic areas. In addition, Lake Wylie is home to the excellent 18-hole River Hills Country Club golf course.

In the summer, Lake Wylie serves as a venue for fireworks displays, special events, and music and beer festivals. There will probably be something going on that weekend if you come here in the summer.

5. Saluda Lake

Saluda Lake - Lakes In South Carolina
Saluda Lake

Spend the afternoon at Saluda Lake if you want to spend the day at the lake with the least amount of other people around. Although it’s a quiet area, there are still plenty of fish in the waters.

The Saluda Landing, the lake’s administrative center, is the only place on the shore. Go to the shack, and they’ll take care of everything, including renting a boat and arranging your lunch.

6. Lakes In South Carolina: Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee - Lakes In South Carolina
Lake Keowee

One of the best lakes in America for retirement is frequently thought to be Lake Keowee. The unpolluted waters are always at their ideal temperature. There is never a bad day to eat by Lake Keowee’s shore.

Over the years, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts have been drawn there by its fame. In the vicinity of the Lake Keowee Golf Course, which Jack Nicklaus designed, there are a surprising number of high-quality lakeside restaurants.

The lake is named after the area’s original Cherokee residents, who centered their entire community around the lake’s abundance. There are many options if you spend the weekend at Lake Keowee.

7. Lake Russell

Lake Russell - Lakes In South Carolina
Lake Russell

Richard B. Russell Lake is situated next to Strom Thruman. Although smaller than Strom Thurmond Lake, the other lake bearing the senator’s name in South Carolina offers many of the same advantages for a trip on the water.

13 public recreation areas share Lake Russell, which acts as a jumping off point for the day’s activities. This lake offers boating across its shores, fishing in its waters, and camping nearby.

There aren’t a lot of lunch options near this lake. The majority of the coastline is undeveloped, and the right captain is welcome to explore it all.

8. Lake Jocassee

Lake Jocassee
Lake Jocassee

The oldest of them all consumes spring water from the Appalachian Mountains to maintain a healthy ecosystem throughout its waters. Record catches of five different fish species have been made in Lake Jocassee, which is known for Devils Fork State Park.

The water is crystal clear all year long thanks to its mountain source, making it ideal for swimmers, scuba divers, and anglers. Large portions of the shoreline are protected by the State Park nearby, and most of this lake has not seen much habitation.

Due to its beauty, Lake Jocassee has drawn famous people. The lake has occasionally been portrayed on film by Hollywood filmmakers. This is understandable given that it is frequently cited as South Carolina’s most stunning lake.

9. Lakes In South Carolina: Lake Wateree

Lake Wateree
Lake Wateree

One of the state’s oldest artificial lakes, Duke Energy built this hydroelectric power source in 1919. As a result, the ecosystem has had more time to develop and many animals have taken notice of the lake’s protection.

If you’re lucky, you might see an alligator or turtle slowly swimming through the lake rather than the common sight of deer prancing through the grass or the sound of foxes fighting in the night.

With its native hawk, egret, duck, and osprey populations, it’s also the closest thing South Carolina has ever seen to Birdland.

10. Lakes In South Carolina: Lake Pinnacle

Lake Pinnacle
Lake Pinnacle

When you come across Lake Pinnacle’s crystal-clear waters, you’ll know you’ve descended to the base of Table Rock Mountain. The state park’s stellar hikes are not its only claim to fame. The nearby shorelines offer enough water activities to be a worthwhile destination on their own and make for a great base camp for exploring the mountains.

The lake in South Carolina is a lovely place to cool off all year round because the calm waters are fed by mountain springs.

Visitors enjoy the mountain backdrop as they splash around in Lake Pinnacle’s waters. In the designated swimming area, a lifeguard is on duty and you can swim with the mountains above you in full view. with restrooms, boat rentals, and picnic shelters.

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