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The state of Wisconsin, sometimes known as the Badger State, is a very intriguing place with a lot of strange but fascinating features that make it the perfect destination for a trip or vacation. Keep reading for the 10 Best Things To Do In Wisconsin.

It has a rich and profound past rooted in Native American culture, much of which is still evident in Wisconsin today. It is recognized for producing dairy products, beer, and lumber. It is also a refuge for those who enjoy the outdoors, with a variety of parks to explore and natural attractions like sandstone and ice caves. There are a ton of Wisconsin attractions available, covering a wide range of interests and styles, so there’s pretty much something for everyone.

There are several opportunities to come in touch with nature, as well as cultural and creative galleries, one-of-a-kind museums, and vibrant art scenes.

1. Things To Do In Wisconsin: The Harley-Davidson Museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum is the perfect Thing To Do In Wisconsin
The Harley-Davidson Museum

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, close to the city’s center, the Harley-Davidson Museum is one of the best places to visit.

The stunning three structures are all located in one location inside the large 20-acre compound. In the museum, hundreds of related relics from the brand’s firm are shown with more than 450 of these vintage motorcycles, presenting the intriguing story of the company’s century-long existence.

The Harley-Davidson Museum has unique exhibitions on the history of the brand, racing championships, and customized motorcycles. There is a restaurant where you can dine, and many of the exhibits are interactive. Some motorcycles can even be handled or seated on.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, a symbol of freedom and 20th-century popular culture, is one of the top attractions in Wisconsin for both motorcyclists and history buffs. Plan your trip to coincide with bike evenings, when Harley enthusiasts and riders stop by the museum to display their own motorcycles.

2. Things To Do In Wisconsin: Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds - Things To Do In Wisconsin
Cave of the Mounds

The Cave of the Mounds is one of Wisconsin’s top ten coolest attractions.

It’s a special place after all, and it’s been given the complimentary moniker “Jewel Box of Major American Caves” in addition to being listed as a National Natural Landmark. It is adjacent to Blue Mounds and is well-known for its stunning limestone rock formations rather than its abundance of stalagmites and stalactites.

The brilliant, vivid, and colorful limestone formations at the Cave of the Mounds are diverse, intriguing, and a joy to the eyes.

In 1939, limestone quarry workers and miners made the initial discovery of the caves when they unintentionally created a passageway through the rocky area, exposing the chambers.

3. Things To Do In Wisconsin: Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Olbrich Botanical Gardens

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin, are another attraction that is highly recommended and is regarded as one of the top vacation spots. The same guy who gave it its name, Michael Olbrich, founded it in 1952, making it one of the city’s picturesque locations.

The gardens, which span 16 acres of land, are nothing short of enthralling, charming, and stunning and provide a tranquil yet enjoyable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the nearby metropolis. Two conservatories have been added to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens since its founding: one in 1991 and the other, known as the Bolz Conservatory, more recently.

4. Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Art Museum

If you’re looking for things to do in Wisconsin and you love art, you’ll like the Milwaukee Art Museum. With 25,000 works of art spread across four levels and two buildings designed in modernist and postmodernist styles, it is one of the biggest museums in the entire globe, not just in Wisconsin.

The museum was constructed with a grant from Alexander Mitchell and inaugurated in 1872 to provide more art to the local scene. It gained formal museum status in 1957. The broad collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum includes everything from historic items to current, modern pieces.

The most coveted pieces in its collection include American decorative art, German Expressionist pieces, and post-1960 American artworks, but it also has Haitian art, pieces by Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso, as well as works by local artist Georgia O’Keefe.

The Milwaukee Art Museum features some of the most unconventional collections and shows in the country. In the basement, there is a Chair Park where you can try out iconic chairs designed by people like Frank Lloyd Wright and Eero Saarinen.

5. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

One of the greatest and most peaceful vacation destinations to visit this weekend is the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It refers to a 69,372-acre area in Wisconsin’s Lake Superior that is divided up into 21 distinct islands. Every island has unique sights to view, so there’s something to do throughout the year.

The red sandstone islands that make up Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are teeming with breathtaking natural beauty, from white sand beaches to white sand sea caves, old-growth woods, and stunning lighthouses. Apostille Islands Cruises provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the natural wonder of the islands at your convenience and pleasure.

6. Wisconsin Attractions: Schoolhouse Beach

Schoolhouse Beach
Schoolhouse Beach

Due to its uniqueness, Schoolhouse Beach, a lovely lakeside beach, is one of Wisconsin’s top tourist attractions. It is made of limestone rocks rather than sand. While some of these smooth rocks could be a bit too sharp for delicate naked feet, they all give your feet a foot massage as you walk across them.

Beyond its peculiar sand, Schoolhouse Beach provides a peaceful experience free from the fear of sand in your swimsuit. It is one of only five sandless beaches in the world and is located on Washington Island. It got its name from a schoolhouse that used to be close to the sea, but it’s now gone.

7. Minocqua Lake

Minocqua Lake
Minocqua Lake

One of Wisconsin’s most stunning tourist destinations is Minocqua Lake. It is a part of the state’s Lakeland region and has breathtaking scenery in Oneida County. With a maximum depth of impressive 60 feet and a surface area of 1339 acres, the lake is home to fish like walleye, panfish, bass, pike, and musky.

Minocqua Lake offers a variety of enjoyable activities. You can go hiking, camping, take pictures, engage in water sports, unwind, stay at a resort, get a tan, or even wait until winter to go snowboarding or skiing!

8. Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens - Wisconsin Attractions
Bookworm Gardens

One of Wisconsin’s unique attractions is the Bookworm Gardens, which has a fascinating theme that is sure to astonish and delight both kids and adults. It is a 35-acre seasonal garden in Sheboygan that draws inspiration from literature and alludes to more than 60 different well-known children’s books.

The Bookworm Gardens’ mission is to promote literature, music, art, and nature in a wireless- and internet-free environment. Sandy Livermore founded it in 1999, and since then it has developed into a truly magical place with delightful interactive activities like worm-hunting, learning to make music, and more.

The most imaginative attractions in Wisconsin are the Bookworm Gardens.

9. Wisconsin State Capitol

Wisconsin State Capitol
Wisconsin State Capitol

One of the most important sights to see in Wisconsin is the State Capitol, which is located in Madison. The building, which was completed in 1917 and is a National Historic Landmark, is actually the third in the state after the first was rebuilt for expansion and the second one burned down!

The Wisconsin State Capitol, which houses the legislature, the state Supreme Court, and the governor’s office, is Madison’s tallest building by law. It has a beautiful dome-shaped roof, a statue of Wisconsin with a badger on her helmet, and is majestic in appearance.

The State Capitol building has a rather unusual collection of fossils embedded in the stone of its construction, numbering about 40 different types. There are also many exquisite pieces of art, handcrafted furniture, murals, and other things.

10. Lost City Forest

Lost City Forest - Things To Do In Wisconsin
Lost City Forest

The Lost City Forest is a surprisingly natural wooded area that borders a march that is located in an arboretum on the southeast side of the University of Wisconsin. It feels like a world away from the neighborhood and is the ideal weekend getaway because it lives up to its name. Additionally, it’s among the best free things to do in Wisconsin.

Surprisingly, the “Lost City Forest” moniker doesn’t actually refer to the area’s seclusion. Instead, it received its name from a failed housing development project from the 20th century that occurred in this area in the 1920s, a time when Madison was rapidly expanding and developers were looking to make a tidy profit with new homes.

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