Waterfalls In Wisconsin – 10 Best WI Waterfalls

Governor Dodge State Park, Wisconsin
Governor Dodge State Park, Wisconsin

There are beautiful waterfalls all over Wisconsin that are worth seeking out or stumbling upon on a day hike. Regions such as the remote Northwoods and the naturally beautiful Door County provide ideal environments for flowing water with a variety of formations.

A group of waterfalls near the Potato River in northern Wisconsin would make a nice vacation to visit all at once.

Not all of the most beautiful waterfalls in Wisconsin are hidden gems in the woods. Some are in the heart of small towns, while others were built to serve a specific purpose, such as powering mills or mining equipment at quarries.

1. Waterfalls In Wisconsin: Big Manitou Falls

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Big Manitou Falls, Wisconsin's highest waterfall. Located in Pattison State Park, this majestic cascade is a must-see for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike.
Big Manitou Falls

Big Manitou Falls, Wisconsin’s largest waterfall, is worth the trip up to the state’s northern border to see. Pattison State Park’s waterfall is 165 feet tall. Because the park is open all year, you can see the waterfall rushing after the summer rains and a frozen display in the winter.

Big Manitou Falls is not only revered in Wisconsin, but it is also recognized as the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. The falls cascade over carved basalt and sandstone cliffs.

Because it is located on the shores of Lake Superior, Big Manitou Falls is close to the town of Superior, which has lodging and other outdoor adventures.

2. Wisconsin’s Most Scenic Parks: Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls State Park is a beautiful natural wonder in Wisconsin. Explore the stunning waterfalls, hike the trails, and take in the breathtaking views of this majestic park.
Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls is the crowning achievement of Copper Falls State Park. If you have the time, you should visit the three waterfalls in this park. The park is close to Mellen, Wisconsin. As you make your way to Copper Falls through the tall pine trees and solidified lava that makes for rocky terrain, you will be treated to some spectacular scenery.

Copper Falls State Park, near the town of Mellen in northern Wisconsin, is one of the most scenic areas in the state. Copper Falls can be reached via the Waterfall Trail, which is located at the park’s northern end.

Red Granite Falls is also in the park and can be reached via the 2.5-mile Red Granite Falls Trail at the park’s southern end. The park has 17 miles of hiking trails and beautiful scenery, including steep gorges and 1930s buildings that remain on park land.

3. WI Waterfalls: Brownstone Falls

Beautiful Brownstone Falls in Wisconsin is a tourist destination that is home to a waterfall that is over 100 yards tall.
Brownstone Falls

Brownstone Falls is another waterfall worth seeing in Copper Falls State Park near Mellen, Wisconsin. This waterfall is spectacular and powerful because it is the meeting point of two sections of the river, culminating in a 40-foot drop over a rocky cliffside.

Brownstone Falls is located in a gorge with steep narrow cliffs rising to 100 feet in height, providing a fun and scenic experience in addition to the waterfall. The multipurpose Waterfall Trail at the northern end of Copper Falls State Park leads directly to Brownstone Fall.

4. Hidden falls in Iron County: Upson Falls

Upson Falls
Upson Falls

Make a day out of it and see several other waterfalls in the area if you intend to visit Upson Falls in northern Wisconsin. Five of the ten tallest waterfalls are located in Iron County, which has the most waterfalls in the entire state.

A good place to start is nearby Upson Falls, which is in the town of Upson. On the Potato River, there is a waterfall that is 18 feet tall. Although it is not a very tall waterfall, the wide, foamy cascade is unusual and beautiful.

5. Waterfalls In Wisconsin: Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls
Morgan Falls

When visiting Morgan Falls near Marengo, visitors are given more than just a stunning waterfall. Additionally, the surroundings of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and the overlook at St. Peter’s Dome should not be missed.

A 70-foot waterfall called Morgan Falls offers stunning views of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. A 15-mile drive from Ashland takes you to the falls. The little pool at the bottom of the narrow falls’ cascade is formed by its descent through granite ledges.

The 1.2-mile round-trip trail to Morgan Falls is easily accessible. The national forest’s stillness and the beauty of the ferns and other rare vegetation will be all around you as you stroll.

6. Waterfalls In Wisconsin: Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls
Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls’ name, like those of other waterfalls in Wisconsin, pretty much sums up what to expect when you see it. This waterfall, which is a part of the Lake Michigan Watershed, spans about 50 feet as it rushes over large boulders and rock formations.

Due to the rocky, uneven terrain and steep drop-offs, getting to this waterfall can be challenging. You should make sure there are no obstacles between you and the ledges leading to the water, wear appropriate footwear, and exercise caution.

Long Slide Falls County Park in the Pembine town is where you can find this impressive waterfall. Smalley Falls is a nearby attraction that is only a half-mile northwest of Long Slide Falls.

7. Wisconsin Waterfalls: Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls in western Wisconsin’s town of Osceola is a stunning waterfall close to the St. Croix River. This waterfall is not only attractive, but it is also simple to locate due to its proximity to Route 35 in the town center. From Cascade Street, you can find an accessible starting point and hike back to the falls, which are just over a quarter mile away.

The main road through town leads to the waterfall. There is a set of stairs that will lead you to the falls’ base where you can view them. Although Cascade Falls is a popular tourist destination in Osceola, it once had a more useful function before the village was established.

8. Potato Falls

Potato Falls
Potato Falls

It is worthwhile to make a specific stop at the breathtaking Potato Falls in northern Wisconsin on your itinerary. With cascading and plunge falls into the water below, the Potato River’s waterfall is 90 feet high.

Exploring around the waterfall is fun because it has a dramatic appearance and is quite large. It is situated in Gurney, Wisconsin’s town park. The Upper Potato Falls and Lower Potato Falls together make up the falls.

Both can be reached by trails, but for untrained hikers, the local terrain can be challenging. The observation deck next to the parking lot is one of the best places to view the waterfalls safely.

9. Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls

Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls
Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls

Four waterfalls that are collectively known as the Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls are exclusive to Wisconsin. The machinery for the quarry was once powered by the rapids along the Montello River. These days, the waterfalls along the historic site are beautiful.

The granite that surrounds the waterfalls highlights them. Since the quarry is no longer in use, it has been transformed into Daggett Memorial Park or Montello Granite Park, a public park. The park’s history, that of the quarry, and that of the peaceful waterfalls can all be learned by taking a stroll through it.

10. Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls
Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls’ roaring water is breathtaking. The falls, which are a portion of the Amnicon River, are situated in Wisconsin’s far northeastern Amnicon Falls State Park close to Superior.

Actually, this park has four waterfalls. Before Amnicon Falls, a number of them disappear. There are Snake Pit Falls, Now and Then Falls, and Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls. Amnicon Falls’ upper falls, which have a swimming plunge pool and a drop of about 15 feet, are a nice feature.

Amnicon Falls’ lower section is a slide that is about 30 feet long and about 15 feet high, so the scene is dramatic.

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